As your doula,
I'm here to support you in a number of different ways: 



I provide unbiased, unwavering, non-judgemental emotional support. This comes in the form of reassurance, listening & encouragement. I'm here to remind you to keep going & that your body was made for this. I will also remind you of your birth preferences & keep you grounded. 


During labour, I can offer a number of different non-pharmacological pain management & coping techniques. These  include acupressure/counter-pressure, massage, hydrotherapy & position changes. 


I'm here for any questions you have & can point you in the direction of resources & referrals. I will never speak on your behalf, but instead provide you with all the tools & information you need to make your own informed decisions.

the postpartum period

As you make your transition to parenthood, I provide emotional & hands-on support to help make your postpartum journey a positive & informed one. I provide you with tools & techniques for lactation, feeding & newborn care, ensuring you feel confident & secure as you move through this new chapter. 

Please reach out for information on packages & pricing.

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