Things I Can Control: Postpartum Period Edition

As your estimated due date approaches, you may begin to feel nervous about managing expectations and letting go of control in the postpartum period. This can be particularly hard if you're a type-A personality.

While there are some things that will be beyond your control once baby is here, it's important to remind yourself of the things you DO have control over:

  1. Who I allow into my inner circle: I want you to think about how many people you have in your life who you feel 100% comfortable around - people who will walk into your house & not judge you for the mess, who will not bat an eye at your leaking breasts & unwashed hair, who will immediately offer help & not just want to hold your baby. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of many people I’m totally comfortable with seeing me at my most vulnerable. Find your people & let them help you. Keep toxic or unhelpful people away, or at the very least, allow yourself a period of time with no visitors except your people. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, not bring you down. ⁣

  2. How I treat my body: these are the thoughts that you allow yourself to think about your postpartum body, & also how you choose to feed it. Batch cooking beforehand can allow for quick meals & snacks that give you energy & help with brain fog. Saying yes to friends who offer to bring soup, taking the time for sitz baths & giving your body that carried a baby for 9 months grace are all beneficial for your mental & physical well-being. ⁣

  3. How I react to situations: Your newborn is his own person complete with his own personality. When stress is high, exhaustion sets in & you don’t feel like yourself, it’s time to call in help so that you can step away to lay down in a dark room alone for 30 minutes. This rule also applies to visitors & goes back to the first rule - you can’t control what other other people say or do, but you can control how you react. You are under no obligation to take anybody’s bullshit. If you don’t like what someone is doing, speak up. The postpartum period is a delicate, life-changing time in your life that you will remember forever. ⁣

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