client love


"Tara is compassionate, diligent and professional with her work. Her methods are informative and scientific. We had a great experience with Tara and highly recommend going with her if you're looking for peace of mind." -C.S


"Tara is kind, incredibly knowledgeable and was a lovely and welcome addition to our birthing journey. We are grateful for all her wonderful guidance and support before, during and after our first daughters birth." -B.J

"I get it. There’s not a whole heck of a lot fathers can “really” do during labour and delivery. You see it in media where men are often on the sidelines watching things unfold or be the comedic relief…having Tara as a doula for the birth of our son was nothing short of incredible. Her support leading up to, during and postpartum has left me feeling capable, educated and prepared. Because of this, I truly felt more aware and empathetic as we progressed through our birthing experience. I felt like I could actually be present for my wife and son in light of the chaos. To be an active, educated participant in the birth of my son was more than I could ever have asked for. I truly can’t imagine how we could have done it without her." -T.B

“Tara knew exactly when I needed her. She was respectful of my (and my family’s) wishes, and was supportive and offered different measures to help me be as comfortable as possible. She was also knowledgeable and well informed. She made sure to advocate for my wishes (as discussed prior to labour/delivery and in my birth plan). She was also compassionate and encouraging. I'm grateful she was part of this journey and would highly recommend her to anyone." -S.S

"Tara is so personable and instantly made me feel comfortable when we met. She's so genuine and has a great sense of humour. She made sure I felt comfortable and confident in my decision with a home birth but also informed and prepared me in case we needed to have a hospital birth. I had a very quick labour and Tara helped me remain calm during it. I loved having her there as my support person. She made sure I had everything I needed whether it be a good laugh or a post birth snack. I would absolutely recommend Tara to anyone I know looking for prenatal, birth and postpartum support!" -C.C


"Tara supported my husband and I throughout my pregnancy, labour, delivery & postpartum period and we don’t know how we would’ve managed without her. I thought we had hit the jackpot when it came to her knowledge & preparedness in helping us in the weeks leading up to the birth of our baby boy, but was pleasantly surprised at the support beyond that. She was intuitive and focused during our labour with a high degree of empathy. She was very focused on consent and adapting to what made me comfortable (I didn’t want a cheerleader, LOVED the hip squeezes, etc.) She played an active role in my delivery and helped us understand the ins and outs of what was happening and what options I had, as well as their potential impact (I’d have been lost without this guidance!) Lastly, I found her to be invaluable in the postpartum phase as I adjusted to the new way of life with a newborn, the struggles with breastfeeding/pumping and utilized her recommendations for baby and I. She is so kind, a wonderful listener and a compassionate human being who truly loves what she does which comes through in her support." -L.B


"You were such an important part of our pregnancy and postpartum journey. Thank you for all your support and wisdom". -A.R

"Tara was an amazing and necessary support during my pregnancy, labour and delivery, and postpartum journey. Having her with us in those wild moments was incredibly comforting for both myself and my partner. Following the birth of our baby Tara was instrumental in supporting us to navigate feeding challenges, as well as any other question that came up. Knowing that she was a phone call or text away truly made all the difference. Thank you so much Tara, we will always be grateful for your support during such an important moment of our lives." -H.K

"From the moment Tara came over for our first postpartum shift, I immediately felt comfortable and things felt incredibly natural - that's how I knew she was really great at her job." -R.A