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"You have every right to want to birth a certain way, to be properly informed on your options, & to have adequate & genuine support to achieve as much of that as possible."

Noha Serageldin



I'm Tara

& I'm here to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey. I'm passionate about women's health, birth, breastfeeding & squishy newborn babies!


My ultimate goal is to help make your labour & birth experience one that you walk away from feeling good about - one where you felt safe, respected, heard & empowered. This starts with education, knowledge & preparation. 


At my core, I believe that the narrative of birth needs to change: 


You are capable & birth doesn't need to be something you fear.


don't be shy!


I offer a free phone or Zoom consultation to meet & get to know each other.  

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